In just under three years, I held three different roles at this non-profit access station: Production Coordinator, Chief Editor, and Executive Director. I was able to be extremely creative and explore multiple passions including videography, animation, social media, hosting on camera, and design. 
The following are samples of episodes from two different shows I produced:
Mupdates was the monthly newscast that covered what had happened in town and upcoming events. I compiled segments and wrote the scripts for each episode, then hosted on camera.
The Mental Health Monday Project started in the midst of the 2020 quarantine to alleviate stress and promote mental health awareness. Footage was self-submitted by guests and edited in Premiere Pro, with motion graphics created in After Effects. 
More detailed breakdowns of shows I am proud of can be found here:
I also worked on multiple animations using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. Here are a couple of samples:
I had the opportunity to help plan and execute a variety of events including haunted houses and winter wonderlands. Here are some examples of artwork I made as props:
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