During my time as Chief Editor at Medfield TV, I created and implemented a marketing plan for one of our most popular original shows, The Mike Paige Doodle Club. The formal marketing plan document included a summary of the show, goals, competitor research, branding, social media strategy, sponsorship information, content calendar, and key progress indicators. 
Episodes of the show were typically filmed in bulk and released weekly. Here’s an example episode that I filmed and edited:
I made a custom thumbnail for each video in Adobe Photoshop. From the episodes, I would pull tips, tricks, quotes, and funny moments to create short form content from to post as YouTube Shorts, TikToks, and Instagram Reels. Here are a few samples:
View the Doodle Club's social pages below. Here you can find all content posted during the time of my management. 
This show and social content has since been discontinued.
One highlight of this experience was directing the one year anniversary live show streamed to YouTube and Medfield TV's cable channels. I controlled live switching for split screen cameras, audio, and rolled a pre-made highlight reel for this production.
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